All Night Long

Music and lyrics by
Diane Louie

I’m gonna make you love me
If it takes all night long.
I’m gonna see things your way
And let it make me strong.

No one’s going nowhere.
Ain’t gonna walk away.
We can talk real nice.
We can fuss and fight
But together we’ll turn this page

If it takes all night,
all night long.
Gonna see the light of day
Even if we have to wait
All night long.

31st century looking back at history,
at they gonna say about what we done done?
Let’s give them something they can really talk about:
The war that never was ‘cause the peace was won.

I need you by my side
If we’re gonna see this thing put right.
We can talk real nice.
We can fuss and fight
But the sun is gonna rise
If it takes all night, all night long.

I’ve been waiting for you
to believe the sun will shine.
Might have to change some minds.
Darkness only lasts
until we open up our eyes.
Stronger than midnight,
Gonna be sunlight
If it takes all night, all night long.

Stronger than midnight,
Gonna see daylight
Even if we have to wait all night long.

In 2015, Diane Louie wrote the lyrics and composed the music for All Night Long. The song opens with demanding, commanding lyrics portraying strength and determination to make the world right, even if the work consumes the night. The thoughtfully chosen words restore our confidence in our ability to change the world. We are leaders; we can inspire relationships, gain another’s perspective, and change minds.

In the second verse is heard determination to talk, to negotiate. “No one’s going nowhere.” This commitment is to work it out, to come to an agreement, to live a life together as partners, as neighbors.

The chorus highlights the commitment to hard work with the optimistic promise of fresh light and new ways of being.

The third verse refers to the 31st century, a thousand years of history in the making, with actions starting today, right now. Let history remember a bloodless war that never was, an unheralded fight where peace was won.

The fourth verse speaks to our dependency on each other, lovers, border countries, partners side by side. Achieving peace demands hard work of every man. Peace doesn’t just happen; there are no quick fixes. It requires will, determination, perseverance and courage to change mindsets.

Even fussing and fighting won’t get in the way of the work. In these sparse words, hope is renewed in the light of day. History need not be a repetition of unresolved strife or bitter disengagement.

Peace is everyman’s work. It is not just the work of diplomats, politicians, academics or professionals but, eye to eye, the work of kids on the playground, neighbors, workmates or family. The “everyman” is each of us, ordinary people.

The bridge speaks to the optimism essential to change beliefs. People can open their eyes to see and respect each other as equals. They can recognize possibilities and can gain strength by leaving old ways. Advancing peace is not easy. Change, awakening to a bright world of new synergies and promises of a better life can be strange, dark, even frightening.

Brash and unflinching, the lyrics fortify with a chant of repetition and imagery the imperatives of courage and determination for the everyman to become a catalyst to advance peace. The dawn of each new day inspires hope that dark anger, disengagement, antagonism and shattered peace will be brightened.

Peace is a worthy goal, a legacy for the 31st century where every man must be resilient.

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