Got Bounce? is Pauletta Washington's educational series on the UN Development Programme's Crisis Prevention and Recovery.
Got Bounce? helps people of all ages to build the skills necessary for recovery from any crisis.

Build resilience.

Get together. Talk with your friends. Don't be afraid to express your opinion, even if your parents or friends take the opposite view.

Maintain perspective. Situations are temporary. You might be in great pain today, but a few months from now, you'll be thriving like never before. You just can’t see it from where you are right now.

Stick to the program. Be consistent. During a time of major stress, map out a routine and stick to it. Don't forget the routines that give you comfort.

Take care of yourself. Be sure to take of yourself - physically, mentally and spiritually. And get sleep.

Help somebody. Nothing gets your mind off your own problems like solving someone else's. Clean up around the house. Help a friend.


It’s not easy to be different, but people who have become the most successful were different from others around them.

It is OK to look different, to feel different, to be different from others around you.